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Interactive Boot Camps


Highly interactive bootcamps covering a wide range of topics is delivered to user groups ranging from faculty (at other engineering schools), students, corporate employees and trainers. 


Like our curriculum, our bootcamps are customized for each audience and focus on experiential learning. We have delivered hundreds of boot camps for corporate, academic and government stakeholders. Our existing projects in this area cover relevant domains like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.



Curriculum Development


Experiential learning curriculum in some of the most relevant technology of the day: MakeSense Labs takes up curriculum development in highly relevant areas like the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Blockchain.


The focus is on creating curriclum that allows participants to learn by doing so that the learning is internalized and therefore become long term.


To protect the intellectual property rights associated with each curriculum, we build program from the grounds up. The focus is on writing original materials, figuring out, trying and then documenting possible experiments and creating student exercises that promote deeper seepage of learning.