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Make IoT, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain work for you!

MakeSense Labs is a collaboration between academics from top institutions around India that work together to produce world class curriculum around the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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Experiential Learning


Interactive Boot Camps


Highly interactive bootcamps covering a wide range of topics is delivered to user groups ranging from faculty (at other engineering schools), students, corporate employees and trainers. 


Like our curriculum, our bootcamps are customized for each audience and focus on experiential learning. We have delivered hundreds of boot camps for corporate, academic and government stakeholders. Our existing projects in this area cover relevant domains like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.



Curriculum Development


Experiential learning curriculum in some of the most relevant technology of the day: MakeSense Labs takes up curriculum development in highly relevant areas like the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Blockchain.


The focus is on creating curriclum that allows participants to learn by doing so that the learning is internalized and therefore become long term.


To protect the intellectual property rights associated with each curriculum, we build program from the grounds up. The focus is on writing original materials, figuring out, trying and then documenting possible experiments and creating student exercises that promote deeper seepage of learning.

Our Team

  • HP Khincha
  • HP Khincha

    Professor H. P. Khincha helps guide strategy and direction at FICE. He also serves as the Chairman of Karnataka Innovation Council and is a Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is known worldwide for his research work in electrical engineering. During his 45 year career at IISc., Professor Khincha has worked as Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering, Divisional Chairman, Electrical Sciences, and CEO of Society for Innovation & Development (SID). He serves as a member on various committees constituted by the Government of India. He also has an active industry and business connection and is on the Board of Directors of many companies. Professor Khincha was formerly the Vice Chancellor of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, and the Chairman of IEEE Bangalore section.


  • HS Jamadagni
  • HS Jamadagni

    H.S. Jamadagni is a Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE, formerly Centre for Electronics Design and Technology, CEDT), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He received Masters and PhD degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IISc. He was the chairman of DESE during 1996 – 2009. He teaches in the areas of embedded systems, communication networks, wireless sensor networks, and VLSI design. His current research work is in application of DSP in communication systems, application of IT in health care, conservation and development, as well as computing architectures for high-speed wireless networks. He has active and vibrant collaboration with several Industries including Intel, TI, Boeing, Xilinx, and Freescale and educational institutions such as EPFL, Switzerland. He has many publications in areas of his work.